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“I describe what I do as psychological cubism,” says Condo. “Picasso painted a violin from four different perspectives at one moment. I do the same with psychological states. Four of them can occur simultaneously. Like glimpsing a bus with one passenger howling over a joke they’re hearing down the phone, someone else asleep, someone else crying – I’ll put them all in one face.”

“The only way for me to feel the difference between every other artist and me is to use every artist to become me.”

That openness to influence is even more characteristic of how he paints, riffing incessantly on the painters he loves – Rembrandt, Hals, Picasso, De Kooning, Rothko, Guston, Degas, whoever – in order to establish his own identity as an artist.

mas: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2014/feb/10/george-condo


The Laughing Clown (2013), George Condo. Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery

He points to a little patch of yellow pastel in the corner of a picture called The Laughing Clown. “That’s me being fascinated with Degas’s ballet dancers and wanting to work with his palette. It’s like a cross between Hegel and Heidegger. The appearance of the painting suggests the being of the thing. And the simultaneous presence of various different psychological states adds up to what the object is.” Righto, and Heidegger? “That’s the idea of becoming. So you have this diversity of artistic influences in a picture and they’re in a process of becoming – becoming the painting, something different and autonomous from the influences that go into it.”


Diagonal Portrait 2013

Condo could have been a musician, too. Born in 1957 in Concord, New Hampshire, he studied classical guitar, then switched to the lute. Is he still playing? “I play a little viola da gamba, but I gave up the lute after I asked Hopkinson Smith to help me tune it. He’s a great lutenist, and when I played for him it sounded like someone putting a pickaxe through Michelangelo’s David. Then I handed it to him and he played it beautifully. I guess the best that lute can get is that Hopkinson Smith played it – I should just leave it alone.”


Constellation Portrait, 2013

As a young art student in late-70s Boston, he joined a synth-based art-punk band called the Girls. When they played a gig in New York, he met fellow artist-musician Jean-Michel Basquiat. It led to a close friendship; Basquiat convinced him to move to New York. Once settled there, Condo managed to get an eight-month stint at Andy Warhol’s Factory, during which time he met the great man only once. Years later, though, Warhol bought several paintings from one of Condo’s first shows. Condo fitted into the art world easily, hanging with Basquiat, collaborating with William Burroughs, befriended by both Allen Ginsberg and Keith Haring.

Son of Bozo, 2008-2009

Son of Bozo, 2008-2009

The Sculptor, 2004

The Sculptor, 2004

But Condo only really established his artistic identity once he moved to Europe, first to Cologne, then Paris where he spent 10 years between 1985 and 1995. He lived on the Rue de Condé in the same building as Félix Guattari who became intrigued by the American’s works whenever he visited the studio.

Like everybody else who’s ever looked at Condo’s paintings, Guattari noted that the American appropriated stuff from great painters and didn’t deign to hide it. But Guattari noticed something more. “There is then a very specific ‘Condo effect’ which separates you from all the painters you seem to reinterpret,” he wrote in a 1990 exhibition catalogue. “You sacrifice everything to this effect, particularly pictorial structure, which you systematically destroy, thus removing a protective guardrail, a frame of reference which might reassure the viewer, who is denied access to a stable set of meanings.”

“It’s what I call artificial realism. That’s what I do. I try to depict a character’s train of thoughts simultaneously – hysteria, joy, sadness, desperation. If you could see these things at once that would be like what I’m trying to make you see in my art.”


In Darkness, 2013.

As we reach one of his most impressive new paintings, In Darkness, which seems to echo Bacon’s Study After Velázquez’s Portrait of Pope Innocent X, I ask Condo for a frame of reference. “I guess it’s a self-portrait,” he says, then breaks into that baritone laugh again.

(The guardian).


Standing Bather 2013

His recent ink drawings “vacillate between cubism, realism, abstraction and figurative painting” and  the characters in them are now confused, “isolated in a dark space. With little left to them, they’re ready to crawl back into the dark.” While his other recent paintings  are standing there in the full light of day. “I wanted to think in terms of light, pastel, part impressionist influences in the work and use the entire space of the canvas,” he said. “They’re about wiping out the hierarchy between drawings and paintings. I love both and wanted them to be indistinguishable. There’s a different language between painting and drawing but these are all improvisations on the human figure to some degree.



Screeching Figure 2013

“They’re not naturalistic, you can see the eyes the teeth but they’re like constellations of forms. There is the presence of somebody in there some way or another. These ones are more objective to me and maybe subjective to the viewer.”


His hybrid style paintings –  daringly fuse the sensibilities of European Old Master painting with references to popular American culture, including Playboy magazine, comics and cartoons...

2011_Hayward_001 Batman and Bunny, 2005, by George Condo

His often grotesque but classically executed paintings continue to surprise and, at times, horrify…


“When I came out in the late 90s there was a negative impact in how governments were treating people, there was a lot of dehumanization. Life for some people in certain areas of the world was degrading and I felt there was something in empathizing with that – it’s not all about pretty faces on the covers of magazines. There’s that thing about a homeless person. Do they want you to throw them a dime or would they rather you noticed them, that they were seen or heard, and just recognized as being alive?”

gc_2012_the-comedian_bc5038_e-1 skinny-jim tumblr_static_george_condo ex5429_George_Condo images 023-george-condo-theredlist

Linear Composition, 2008-2009

Picture-3 condo3 2011-01-25-2002TheStockbroker Schirn_Presse_Condo_The_Happy_Banker_2010 George-Condo-Jesus-2007-©-George-Condo-ARS-New-York-2012-VG-Bild-Kunst-Bonn-2012-Courtesy-Sprüth-Magers-Berlin-London George Condo COND-093-2008-500x558 img062 artwork_images_424045384_481592_george-condo douglas10-27-11 02_vladimir_restoin_roitfeld_favorite_artist_george_condo gc_2012_the-comedian_bc5038_e George_Condo,_The_Cracked_Cardinal 3757674139_75423f886d_b tumblr_ldoecyflh11qe7i7ho1_500






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( + info: pedro.marin@mainman.es )

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HOMBRE MECANICO (Edicion Mexico) (2014) CD: Precio España / Europe. 10 EUR. Fuera España 5 EUR. + gastos de envío.

Edición limitada en CD del álbum Mexicano con un tracklist diferente al disco Español.

Tracklist: 1. Sal. 2. Aire (Versión Superelectric) 3. Héroe de Metal. 4. Cumbres de éxtasis 5. Cómprame. 6. Te veo bailar 7. Yo sé  8.El Pasajero. 9. Que No 10. Sal (B.O.U.L.E. Remix). 11.Aire (Versión Electroshock).

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España 

HOMBRE MECANICO (2013) CD: Precio España / Europe. 10 EUR. Fuera españa 6 EUR. + gastos de envío.

Un proyecto de espíritu luminoso en donde se mueve con naturalidad dentro de una ecléctica colección de canciones – producidas por Stefano Maccarrone del grupo Mendetz- que arrojan luz sobre muchas de sus fuentes de inspiración musical; del puro pop a la electrónica y más allá.

Tracklist: 1. Plastic Monsters. 2. Yo sé. 3. Sal. 4. Te veo bailar. 5. Cómprame. 6. Cumbres de éxtasis. 7. Yo sé 2.0. 8. Tanto tiempo sin ti. 9. The saint. 10. Que no. 11. Te veo bailar 2.0. 12. Sal 2.0. 13. Heroe de metal.

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España 

SANTO, SAL A BAILAR E.P. (5 canciones) (2013) CD: 4 Eur + gastos de envío

“SANTO, SAL BAILAR E.P.” “SAL” es el primer single “oficial” del próximo álbum de Pedro Marín “Hombre Mecánico” 

Contiene 3 canciones del nuevo ábum “Hombre Mecánico”producido por Stefano Maccarrone mas 2 temas adicionales que no estan en el Cd: La remezcla de “Sal” por el DJ y Productor B.O.U.L.E. y un tema extra; “El Pasajero” una colaboración de Marin con Luis Miguelez (Glamour to Kill) y el grupo de hardcore valenciano Gore Gore Gs.

Tracklist: 1. Sal. 2. Sal ( B.O.U.L.E. Remix). 3. The Saint. 4. Te veo bailar. 5. El pasajero.

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España

I WILL GLAM (2009) CD: 5 Eur + gastos de envío

“I Will Glam” es un disco optimista y muy particular dentro de la carrera de Marín en el que colaboran grandes musicos de la escena Rock alternativa española (como Eric Jimenez, bateria de Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick). Diez temas compuestos por Pedro Marín…

Tracklist: 1. El día después. 2. Rock ´n Roll stars. 3. El influjo de la luna / Angeldust.  4. Glam song. 5. Ahora creo en el amor. 6. Voy a ser yo. 7. Glamarama. 8. Entrar en acción. 9. Instinto animal. 10. Buenas noches.

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España

PULPO NEGRO (2007) 5 Eur + gastos de envío

El impresionante álbum con el que Pedro Marín volvió a la escena electro pop en 2007…

Tracklist: 1. Pulpo Negro. 2. Ave Fenix. 3. Tiempo perdido. 4. Bella en la noche. 5. Noche. 6. Ven, sígueme. 7. Sueños. 8. Ojos de cristal. 9. Agua y sal. 10. Lili Marlen. 11. Pulpo Negro (Die letze by Cop-Team Rmx). 12. Pulpo Negro (Miguelez Mix).

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España 

Pedro_Marin-Diamonds-FrontalDIAMONDS (2006): Precio España. 10 EUR. Fuera españa 6 EUR + Gastos de envío.

“Diamonds”. El único álbum en Inglés de Pedro Marín. Salió pocos meses antes de “Pulpo Negro”. Es el disco de versiones de Lear que se encuentra descatalogado en la actualidad. Unicamente disponible en CD desde esta web.

Tracklist: 1. Black holes. 2. Follow me. 3. Run baby run. 4. Blood and honey. 5. Fashion pack. 6. Gold. 7. The sphinx. 8. Enigma. 9. Tomorrow. 10. Diamonds. + 7 Remixes.

Envío a España and Europe       Envío fuera de España 

Marin 2 eps promo
  Pack 2 CDs:  Precio  5 EUR.+ Gastos de envío.

1.EP Promocional “Aire” (2007). Incluye la canción + la versión extended.

2.EP Promocional “Pulpo Negro” (2008) Incluye 7 versiones (7 Remixes)  de la canción.

(Ambos Cds son edición limitada promocional, nunca se pusieron a la venta y están disponibles únicamente desde esta web hasta agotar existencias.)

Envío a España and Europe

Envío fuera de España 


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Un proyecto de espíritu luminoso en donde se mueve con naturalidad dentro de una ecléctica colección de canciones – producidas por Stefano Maccarrone del grupo Mendetz- que arrojan luz sobre  sus muchas fuentes de inspiración musical; del puro pop a la electrónica y más allá.


El nuevo single de Pedro Marin “Te veo Bailar”. Un anticipo de su próximo álbum; “Hombre Mecánico”. Producido por Stefano Maccarrone.

I WILL GLAM (2009)

“I Will Glam” es un disco optimista, luminoso en el que colaboran grandes musicos de la escena Rock alternativa española como Eric Jimenez, bateria de Los Planetas, Lagartija Nick). Diez temas compuestos por Pedro Marín…


El impresionante álbum con el que Pedro Marín volvió a la escena electro pop en 2007…

AIRE single  – NUEVA VERSION (2008)

Nueva grabación de la canción. Single y versión extended.


PEDRO MARIN. “I WILL GLAM TOUR”. EP en directo grabado durante los conciertos de 2009 / 2010…

RAREZAS (2008)

Reúne tres canciones inéditas de Pedro Marín que por diversas razones no fueron incluidas en ninguno de sus últimos álbums. Destaca una colaboración con Digital 21…

Pedro Marin Crist Futurist

Foto: Marian Martinez. Artwork ©2014Mainman Ind.Logo mail



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